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Why Do I Need Mattress Bags for Moving House?

Moving house is never an easy task. Packing up all your belongings, from the large to the small, is much trickier than people realise, especially if you want to get it right. Effective packing can make your move less stressful and ensure all your items arrive safely – including your bed.  

Mattresses can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds. It also takes some time to break in your mattress so you can achieve that perfect night’s sleep. So, when it comes to moving house, you’ll want to take good care of your sleeping companion by using a mattress storage bag to ensure that it arrives undamaged at your new home.

Read more about mattress moving bags and how they could make a big difference to your next move. 

Packing away items for a move

The challenges of moving a mattress

We know that fabric items, such as curtains and sofas can easily pick up dust and bugs, and mattresses are no different. Even to the best of their ability, removal vans and storage units can be less than immaculate, not to mention the potential of exposure to moisture and pollen while transferring the items from building to vehicle and back again. And with COVID-19 still active, protecting your mattress during transit is more necessary than ever.

Mattresses are big and chunky, making them very difficult to move. They cannot be put in boxes or crates due to their size, making covering the best option to help keep your mattress protected.

When moving house, single or double mattress protectors or king size mattress bags can be very effective in avoiding contamination. In fact, for people who suffer from asthma or allergies, mattress bags for storage and/or transport of bedding are an absolute must to prevent ill health in your new home.

How do mattress bags for moving work?

Mattress bags for moving house are easy to use. They are available in the usual bed sizes – single, double, king size and super king size - and are normally sized slightly bigger so that they slide on easily, often with room for additional bedding. While mattress bags provide some protection against poor handling, your removal team should still load and unload with care to avoid rips and other damage.

Investing in mattress covers for moving house will help keep your mattresses clean and dry during your move. They are simply to attach and remove, meaning you can easily get a good night’s sleep on the first night in your new home.

What are the best mattress bags for storage?

Not only can mattresses be spoiled during the moving process, incorrect storage can also result in damage - another reason to make a small investment in mattress storage bags. If kept in a van, warehouse or container without mattress bags for storage, they can become damp and dirty. Even when heavy duty protective mattress bags are used, bedding can get bent and misshapen. Using vacuum sealed mattress bags or plastic mattress bags for moving or long-term storage and ensuring correct handling and placing will help maintain your bedding.

With or without single or double mattress protectors, or king size mattress bags, laying mattresses on their sides for anything other than a short spell of time can result in bending. Mattresses should ideally be laid flat on an even surface to maintain their shape, or you won’t recognise them when you finally get them to your new home.

The many varieties of mattress bags means that you are sure to find one that is right for your mattress and budget, for example, mattress bags with handles for easy manoeuvring; plastic mattress bags for moving and protection against damp; and vacuum sealed mattress bags which are especially suitable for memory foam mattresses.


Mattress bag

Other uses for mattress storage bags

Mattress storage bags aren’t just handy for moving mattresses, they can be used to protect other items too. From sofa cushions to garden furniture, using mattress covers for moving house for items of a similar size and shape will help keep your belongings protected. If you’re careful with your mattress moving bags, you can reuse them or pass them onto someone else ready for their next move. They can also be handy for protecting your items in storage while you wait to move them to your new place.

Where can I buy mattress bags for moving house?

If you’re looking for where to buy mattress bags, you should be able to find everything from heavy duty protective mattress bags to plastic mattress bags for moving at any reputable supplier of moving boxes, crates and packaging, like phs Teacrate.

Our paper mattress covers or plastic mattress bags for moving are cost effective options for keeping your mattresses protected while in storage or transit, effective against dust, damage and moisture, while our moving home bundles contain enough storage mattress bags for the whole home.

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