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Why Use Commercial Crate Hire?

When moving offices for your business, it is often tempting to try to save money any way you can.

However, try to cheap out in the wrong place and you may give yourself a lot more issues further down the line.

One of the most simple and obvious examples of this is hiring moving crates. After all, you may think cardboard boxes will do the trick just fine for a lot cheaper, but this is a risky way to do things and can lead to property damage, loss and more.

What are the benefits of hiring moving crates?

And why is it such a must for companies moving offices?

Let’s take a look:

The Benefits of Crate Hire

Stackable for Improved Space Economy

A huge point for efficiency - our crates stack neatly and take up the smallest amount of space possible, allowing you (or us!) to fit more of your possessions into each trip. This means more items moved in less time.

But it’s not just that - it also means improved safety, as stacking cardboard boxes is much more likely to result in a collapse, especially if the boxes are sized differently or filled too heavily.

If you’re the type who likes to do a job in as few trips as possible, this is crucial!

Robust & Secure

All of phs Teacrate’s crates are made to industry leading standards. Tough polypropylene is used to ensure that crates will survive any move while protecting the valuable contents inside. Not just for protecting against falls or damage, our crates can also keep your possessions safe from harsh weather, dust, pollution, and the general lumps and bumps of transit.

The lid is also specially designed to close tightly and prevent contents from moving around. Cardboard boxes and similar provide none of this protection, and something as simple as turning a corner in transit can lead to multiple damages.


In an age where waste left by humans is ruining the plant, the idea of single-use tape and boxes being used for one move and then discarded is horrifying.

Single use products are one of the most damaging things to the environment. Our crates allow you to safely move your possessions and return the boxes to us afterwards for reuse, leading to zero waste in the entire process.

Even better, our commercial packing crates are made from 100% recyclable materials, and reusable for other purposes, meaning nothing is wasted. By choosing phs Teacrate, your company can be on the right side of history and be an ally in the fight against climate change.

Easy to Move

Getting stuck moving multiple boxes without handles is a nightmare of a task, barely easier than moving loose items individually.

That’s without going into the added risk of damage or injury due to the inability to get a good grip.

Our crates are custom designed for this purpose, with smooth inner grips that are easy to hold for extended periods of time without pain or loss of grip, even for heavier items.

They are also designed with the average human height in mind, making them easy to carry by the majority of adults even when full to the brim.

Large & Spacious

With low budget, low effort solutions like cardboard boxes or black bags, you are limited to the space of each container, which is unlikely to be big enough for larger items such as desktop computers, televisions, other IT equipment, etc. If they aren’t a uniform size, this becomes even more difficult and time consuming as you have to spend time finding the ideal container for each item.

Our crates come in a wide range of sizes to suit all requirements, removing this obstacle from the process entirely. We even have specialised metre long moving crates for large items. The end result is that everything is packed tightly and safely without any additional effort or time on your part.

Scalable & Affordable

From small offices and residential homes to large multi storey office buildings, hospitals and schools, phs Teacrate have experience with all forms of moving and have no minimum quantity limitations. This means we are able to offer custom price points for all requirements and provide a smooth and hassle-free service, whether you need 5 crates or 500.

This means no dashing around finding containers from different sources and no paying more than you need to - simple!

For straight forward, no obligation information on pricing and what we can do to make your move go more smoothly, contact us now!

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