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Your Essential Guide To Food Crate Maintenance

Food crates are an essential item for the food industry. Not only do they help with transportation, but they are effective for storing food too. Food crates have surged in popularity since the pandemic, providing people with simple solutions for food handling that help maintain safe and hygienic practices for businesses. They are also an eco-friendly solution if you choose to hire your food crates or reuse them. 

But how should you care for your food crates to help them store and protect food? Take a look at the phs Teacrate guide to food crate maintenance. 

Why are food crates beneficial? 

Food crates are simple and convenient solutions for storing and handling food. As a type of Returnable Transit Packaging (RTS), they are a sustainable solution that can help businesses cut down waste, while still maintaining high quality and hygiene standards.  

Using food crates can help you provide better protection for food and other products, making it much easier to transport them. From supermarkets to wholesalers, many businesses use food crates as part of their everyday processes. 

Why proper food crate maintenance is important 

Food is a significant carrier of germs and diseases, which is why it’s vital to maintain strict food hygiene practices. As food crates are used to transport and store food, they need to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly to help stop the spread of bacteria that could contaminate food and spread disease. Proper food crate maintenance can help you maintain your health and safety practices, helping to prevent incidents and maintain your business’ reputation. 

How to maintain food crates 

Food crates need to be cleaned using a strict process that helps take care of leftover debris and bacteria.  

Generally, the recommended process for cleaning food crates is: 

  1. Check the food crate for any debris such as leftover food, labels or packaging. 
  2. Pre-wash the crates. 
  3. Wash the crates at a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, as recommended by the Food Standards Agency. 
  4. Rinse the crates thoroughly. 
  5. Dry the crates using a suitable dryer to remove all traces of moisture. 

Crates should be tested regularly for signs of bacteria to ensure they are cleaned and maintained to a high standard. 

The benefits of food crate hire 

If you choose to hire your food crates, you can also benefit from food crate maintenance services that will take care of the cleaning on your behalf. You can also benefit from pick-up and redelivery services, saving you time and ensuring you get your crates returned to you when needed. 

Some of the benefits of food crate hire include: 


Food crate hire is a cost-effective way of managing your food storage and transportation. Instead of buying your food crates and maintaining them yourself, a food crate hire service will help you save on your ongoing costs and avoid a significant upfront investment. 

Flexible according to your needs 

Need to scale your business up or down? Food crate hire can be flexible and adaptable according to your needs. This can help you manage your storage more effectively and help you stay in control of your stock levels throughout the year. 


Hiring food crates is a sustainable solution for food packaging and transportation. As food crates are carefully maintained and cleaned, they can be used over and over again to help you maintain greener practices. 

Helps to save storage space 

Having your own food crates means needing somewhere to store them. With a food crate hire service, however, you only need to hire what you need and don’t have to worry about storing the ones you don’t. 

Quality assurance 

When you hire food crates from a reputable company like phs Teacrate, you benefit from quality assurance, safe in the knowledge your crates will be maintained to the highest standards.  

Easier to maintain 

With a food crate hire service, you don’t have to worry about maintaining the crates yourselves. Used crates will be collected, cleaned and delivered so that you can focus on your own products and services – something that can save time while benefitting from a professional service. 

Food crate hire, cleaning and maintenance with phs Teacrate 

Phs Teacrate provide a range of services for those looking to hire food crates in the UK. We not only provide food crates for sale, but we provide a food crate rental service that provides you with food crates to meet your needs.  

With phs Teacrate’s crate washing services, you can rest assured that your food crate maintenance is taken care of. With washing plants located across the UK, we provide a thorough and hygienic wash service for a range of products, delivering them back to your location for a seamless and professional service. 

Want to know more about food crate hire and crate maintenance? Contact phs Teacrate today and learn all about our UK-wide food crate services.  

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