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As the paramount purveyor of crate hire services nationwide, phs Teacrate's reach extends across the tapestry of the UK, encompassing Edinburgh and its neighboring landscapes. Our trove boasts an assortment of moving crates, an array of sizes poised to harmonize with the rhythm of any residential or office migration. Bridging the realms of commerce and home, Crate Hire UK presents a symphony of offerings tailored to both corporate endeavors and domestic desires, rendering our crates the quintessential answer to your transport and storage aspirations.

The journey unfolds through our versatile canvas of long and short-term rentals, accompanied by a delivery overture that traverses the entire UK. The choice between a harmonious next-day cadence or the melodious synchronization of delivery at your chosen moment reflects our commitment to orchestrating a seamless move under the aegis of phs Teacrate.

A Crescendo of Service in Edinburgh

Within the enchanting realm of Edinburgh, the harmonious collaboration of our seasoned sales, account management, and customer support ensembles lends an unrivaled service, an anthem of customer satisfaction resounding at levels surpassing 99%. Here, a virtuoso team choreographs bespoke counsel, channeling expertise to resonate with individual needs.

Amidst the backdrop of Edinburgh's unique tapestry, we unravel a sonnet of understanding, escorting patrons towards the crate size and type that becomes a harmonious extension of their needs. The promise of punctuality imbues our standard delivery, orchestrating next working day delivery to any corner of Edinburgh's stage. With a robust ensemble of over 100 skilled artisans and a cavalcade of 29 vehicles, the symphony of efficient and dependable deliveries sways through the city. Strategically stationed depots in Edinburgh unfurl not just convenience, but a melodious stanza of easy customer collections.

Our customers love what we do, and their positive feedback on Trustpilot speaks for itself. Browse our reviews to find out what real customers think. It couldn’t be any easier to arrange your crate hire with us – either book online or over the phone.

Facts about Edinburgh

1. The famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which takes over the city every summer, is the largest arts festival in the world.

2. The majority of the Harry Potter books were written by JK Rowling whilst she lived in Edinburgh.

3. The only penguin in the world with a knighthood, Sir Nils Olav, lives in Edinburgh Zoo.

4. Over 75% of the buildings in Edinburgh are listed buildings.

5. Edinburgh became the capital of Scotland in 1437.

6. Edinburgh hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 1972 when the previous year’s winner, Monaco, could not afford to host the show.

7. In Edinburgh there are more statues of animals than of women.

Regional Hire Depots

Our premium delivery service makes it easy to receive your crates anywhere in the UK, but you can also collect your crates for free. We have seven regional depots around the country that offer crate collection. Our crate hire services are a great solutions for customers based in Edinburgh, as well as in nearby locations.