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phs Teacrate takes the crown as the nation's pinnacle purveyor of crate rental services, designed to streamline your moving and storage endeavors. Our realm of influence spans across the UK, encompassing vibrant Leeds and its neighboring expanse. Here, we unveil an array of crates in varying dimensions, a symphony of possibilities that harmonize with any home or office relocation, a melodic response regardless of the scale.

Our enchanting offerings embrace not only corporate enterprises but also the warmth of domestic realms. With the masterful wand of phs Teacrate, both short and long-term rentals unravel at your command, weaving a tapestry to fulfill your every need. Our premium cadence carries your cargo to the very heart of the UK, a dance of delivery orchestrated to align with your chosen time and date or propelled by the brisk rhythm of next-day service.

A Symphony of Service in Leeds

Within this lyrical tale, the virtuosos of our sales, account management, and customer support orchestras come together, casting a spell that defines industry excellence, shaping a melody of contentment on every note. A crescendo of customer satisfaction scores, 99% and beyond, graces our opus, as our accomplished artisans, steeped in expertise, tailor their counsel and wisdom to resonate with your needs.

In the harmonious domain of Leeds, we acutely comprehend the specific nuances of our cherished patrons. A concerto of assistance guides them to the ideal crate dimensions, their specific needs a compass guiding the melody. The promise of promptness conducts our standard delivery, ensuring next working day arrival to any corner of Leeds. With a fortified ensemble of over 100 dedicated talents and a cavalcade of 29 vehicles, the stage is set for an eloquent ballet of efficient, dependable delivery throughout the city. Our strategically poised depots in Leeds offer not just convenience, but an aria of effortless customer collections as well.

Our feedback on Trustpilot speaks for itself – our customers love what we do. Browse our customer reviews to see why we’re so highly rated. We make it simple for you to arrange your rental too; you can book online or over the phone with a member of our team.

Facts about Leeds

1. The world’s first steam locomotive, the Salamanca, was built in Leeds in 1812 by Matthew Murray.

2. Leeds has been home to numerous literary legends such as JRR Tolkien, Alan Bennett, and Arthur Ransome.

3. Leeds boasts three universities – the University of Leeds, Leeds Metropolitan University, and Leeds Trinity University.

4. Asda, the second-largest supermarket in the UK, began in Leeds and its head office is still based there.

5. The first-ever moving pictures were shot in Leeds in 1888.

6. After London, Leeds is the UK’s largest financial and legal centre.

7. Leeds is twinned with towns in Romania, Czech Republic, Germany, Sri Lanka, China, France, and the USA.

Regional Hire Depots

Crate Hire UK’s convenient delivery service means you can receive your crates anywhere in the country. Alternatively, you can save on the cost of delivery by collecting your crates free of charge. We have seven regional depots that offer crate collection. Our crates are a great transport and storage solution for customers based in Leeds, as well as those in nearby locations like Bradford, Wakefield, and Halifax.