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phs Teacrate holds the top position as the premier provider of crates, handling equipment, and packaging products. Handling over 9 million crates annually, we provide essential support to diverse sectors including removals and storage, food processing and distribution, retail, and fit out companies. This firmly establishes us as the leading crate rental service provider throughout the UK.

Our Dedicated Service in Leicester

In Leicester, our unwavering commitment to excellence shines brightly. This dedication is spearheaded by our seasoned sales, account management, and customer support teams. Our outstanding track record boasts consistently high customer satisfaction scores of 99% and above, underscoring our team's ability to offer expert knowledge and personalized guidance, tailored specifically to the unique needs of our Leicester-based customers.

We fully grasp the distinct requirements of our Leicester clientele, offering our expertise to help them identify the ideal crate size and type while guaranteeing timely deliveries. Our standard delivery service ensures next-day arrival to any Leicester location. Our formidable operational infrastructure includes a team of over 100 staff members and a fleet of 29 vehicles, ensuring that we provide efficient and dependable delivery services throughout the city. Furthermore, our strategically located depots in Leicester make customer collections a convenient experience.

Innovation at phs Teacrate, Leicester

In Leicester, phs Teacrate has introduced an innovative barcoding technology to enhance our service quality. This cutting-edge system guarantees the effortless tracking of your products, starting from their initial delivery to their final collection. Supported by a wealth of management reporting options, the process of tracking your crates is now simpler than ever.

Experience round-the-clock support in Leicester through Cratelink, our market-leading online crate management system. With Cratelink, you have the flexibility to modify orders, specify deliveries or collections, access historical data, and generate comprehensive reports - all available 24 hours a day to meet your needs.

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Our products

With crate capacities ranging from 25 to 165 litres, no job is too big or too small for phs Teacrate. We serve the needs of households and businesses undertaking home or office moves, re-organisations, refurbishments or complete relocations.

We offer rental and outright purchase options and complimentary custom logo branding. Our crates are manufactured with phs Teacrate owned equipment, from tough polypropylene and provide a high level of protection for contents. They may be stacked when full and nested when empty for space saving. All our crates are 100% recyclable at the end of their life, therefore fully adhering to the waste framework directive and helping the environment.

We have a wide range of RTP products to meet the requirements of the food and retails sectors as well as logistics operations across a range of industries. Our products include bale arm crates, plastic pallets and pallet boxes.  We also offer a full wash service where we collect, clean and return your food crates ready to use. We have the capacity to wash up to 400,000 crates every week.

Our accreditations

At phs Teacrate we are an Investor in People, a member of the British Association of Removers and holders of ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14000.

phs Teacrate are part of the phs Group, the leading UK workplace services provider.

phs Teacrate is dedicated to delivering exceptional crate rental services in Leicester and beyond.

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Fun Facts about Leicester

1. King Richard III's Final Resting Place

Leicester gained international attention in 2012 when archaeologists discovered the remains of King Richard III buried beneath a car park in the city. The find was a significant historical discovery, and the king was reinterred at Leicester Cathedral in 2015.

2. Multicultural Melting Pot

Leicester is known for its diverse and multicultural population. Over the years, various communities have made the city their home, contributing to its vibrant cultural scene and culinary diversity.

3. Leicester City FC's Historic Triumph

Leicester City FC achieved one of the most remarkable feats in sports history by winning the English Premier League title in the 2015-2016 season. Their underdog victory captivated football fans worldwide.

4. Space Centre Extravaganza

The National Space Centre, located in Leicester, is the UK's largest attraction dedicated to space exploration. Visitors can experience interactive exhibits, learn about space missions, and even see real spacecraft.

5. Historic Jewry Wall

The Jewry Wall in Leicester is an ancient Roman ruin and one of the tallest surviving pieces of Roman masonry in the country. It serves as a reminder of Leicester's Roman past.

6. St. Nicholas Church

Leicester's St. Nicholas Church is one of the oldest places of worship in the city, dating back to the 12th century. Its striking architecture and historical significance make it a popular attraction for history enthusiasts.

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7. The Annual Caribbean Carnival

Leicester hosts one of the largest Caribbean carnivals in the UK, bringing together vibrant parades, live music, and delicious Caribbean cuisine to celebrate the city's diverse cultural heritage.

8. Buried Bones and Dinosaur Discoveries

The New Walk Museum and Art Gallery in Leicester houses an extensive collection of fossils, including a dinosaur named "Chasmosaurus," and other prehistoric specimens, making it a thrilling destination for fossil enthusiasts.

9. Richard III Visitor Centre

In addition to King Richard III's tomb at Leicester Cathedral, the city also boasts the King Richard III Visitor Centre, which tells the story of the king's life, death, and rediscovery.

10. Leicester's "Golden Mile"

Belgrave Road, known as Leicester's "Golden Mile," is renowned for its vibrant South Asian community and a wide array of restaurants, shops, and cultural events. It's a bustling and colourful part of the city that offers a taste of India in the heart of Leicester.