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Buy or Hire Pallets and Pallet Boxes

Buy or Hire Pallets and Pallet Boxes For Home Moving & Storage Needs

We are highly rated on Trustpilot, and feedback from our customers shows that they really love what we do. We want to make your move as straightforward as possible, so we’ve made it simple to book your rental online or over the phone.

phs Teacrate is the country’s leading supplier of plastic pallets and pallet boxes. We supply plastic pallets throughout the UK. We stock a wide range of pallet sizes, meaning any storage type large or small can be accommodated for businesses with any volume of needs. We work both with business offering the ideal solutions for your distribution and storage needs.

Pallets and Pallet Boxes are an invaluable asset to all manner of businesses. Whether you operate a busy commercial space pallets and pallet boxes are intuitive storage options and are great for making your workflow far more efficient. At Tea Crate, you'll find pallet boxes of all shapes and sizes to suit every possible office need.

At phs Teacrate we provide pallet boxes for both long and short term periods. Whether you need to move swiftly or need a long term storage solution, we can accommodate your needs. Our delivery service means you can order your crates to any location in the UK, with both next day delivery and specified date and time delivery available.

Why rent rather than buy?

At phs Teacrate, we offer a selection of rental options to our customers, but why should you consider renting over buying? The main reason is that it offers you a great deal more convenience than simply buying. If you buy plastic crates, you need to have somewhere to store them. They're designed to stack, of course, but over time they can begin to seriously eat into your precious office space. If you choose to rent, however, you eliminate this problem completely. You only rent the storage crates you're actually using, when you actually need to use them. When you don't need them anymore, you can return them. This makes it much easier to keep your plastic storage crate supply tuned perfectly to your individual needs.

Renting is an excellent way of keeping costs accessible and manageable for all sorts of businesses, whether it's sole traders or international companies. We can even offer you a curated office supply bundle, containing a range of crates and supply apparatus designed to suit your needs.

It couldn't be easier to find the right plastic crate supply solution for you. All you need to do is browse the Tea Crate range or get in touch with us today.