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RC1 - Multipurpose Roll Cage

The RC1 multipurpose roll cage is an A-frame cage with a single shelf and roof for easy loading and unloading. This can be manoeuvred...

From £14.95 per week

SK1 - Rubber Topped Skate

The SK1 rubber topped skate is a universal skate that can be used with all our crates. This is ideal for moving heavy items and crates as...

From £6.10 per week

LT1F - Folding Library Trolley

The LT1F folding library trolley provides a high reliable solution for transporting books during a classroom, library, or office...

From £19.05 per week

TSS1 - PC Monitor Screen Cover

The PC screen cover provides the perfect solution for protecting your delicate computer screens during a move. The padded quilted fabric...

From £0.96 per week

SK6 - Metal Lipped Skate

The SK6 metal lipped skate has been specifically designed for use with our long crates, lidded meter crates and unlidded meter crate,...

From £6.10 per week

SB1 - Sack Barrow

The SB1 sack barrow is capable of transporting crates as well as heavy, large and awkward items within an office or home. The sack barrow...

From £10.59 per week

SB1-HD - Heavy Duty Sack Barrow

The conventional upright heavy duty sack barrow SB1-HD helps in the lifting and removal of heavy office and home furniture. The sack...

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SB4 - Magliner Truck with Balloon Cushion Tyres

The SB4 magliner truck with balloon cushion tyres is a general all-rounder for lifting and moving large, heavy items and crates. The...

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SB5 - Magliner Truck with Pneumatic Tyres

The magliner truck with pneumatic tyres is a general all-rounder for lifting and moving large, heavy items and crates. It has a 14” nose...

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SC1B - Four-Sided Security Roll Cage

The SC1B security roll cage is a secure, metal cage that is suitable for transporting loaded crates and a broad range of other items....

From £13.13 per week

SC2 - Two-Sided Roll Cage

The SC2 two-sided roll cage metal is highly suitable for relocating large and heavy items. Having only two sides and no shelves, this...

From £12.71 per week

1-11 of 11 products