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LC3B - Standard Lidded Crate

The LC3B standard lidded crate is highly popular for office and home moves. The standard lidded crate is ideal for files, not only are...

From £0.56 per week

PC-6 - Small Cardboard Box

The PC-6 small cardboard box is ideal for home workers, moving small and valuable possessions from one location to another. Valuables are...

From £1.50

PC-2 - Large Moving Box

The PC-2 large cardboard moving box is perfect for moving larger household items from one location to another. The large moving box is...

From £2.00

BW5 - Bubble Wrap Standard

The BW5 standard bubble wrap is perfect for protecting your valuable items. This protects valuables due to the special type of plastic...

From £13.65

2 Bedroom Property x3 People - 2BPB

This packaging deal...

From £49.99

3 Bedroom Property x4 People - 3BPB

This packaging deal...

From £69.99

PC-1 - Short Moving Box

The PC-1 short moving box is the perfect...

From £1.90

PC-3 - Tall Moving Box

The PC-3 tall moving box is ideal if you have tall items that need to be moved from one location to another safely. The double walled...

From £2.95

PC-4 - Moving Box

The PC-4 long moving box assists with the moving of longer items that would struggle to fit in a regular cardboard box. The double walled...

From £3.20

PC-MP - Mirror/Picture Carton

The PC-MP mirror/picture carton is designed for the safe transportation of mirrors and pictures from one location to another. This is...

From £1.90

WC-B - Tall Wardrobe Moving Box

The WC-B tall wardrobe moving box is the perfect box for the transportation of long clothes, including dresses when moving home. The...

From £5.50

WC-B-S - Short Wardrobe Box

The WC-B-S short wardrobe box is ideal for transporting clothes. Perfect for moving tops, trousers and children's clothes. The hanging...

From £5.00

1-12 of 31 products