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Standard Lidded Crate - LC3B

The standard lidded crate is highly popular for office and home moves. The standard lidded crate is ideal for files, not only are they...

From £0.99 per week

Flat Screen Computer Crate - IT2B

The flat screen computer crate offers a highly protective solution for moving your IT computer equipment. Constructed from polypropylene,...

From £3.79 per week

Large Computer Crate - IT1B

The large computer crate is manufactured from tough polypropylene and is ideal for moving computers and any accompanying IT equipment....

From £3.79 per week

Lidded Metre Crate - LC6B

The lidded metre crates are ideal for moving books, packing shelves and lateral filing systems for moving office or home. The lidded...

From £1.89 per week

Stair Carry Crate - LC2B

The stair carry crate offers a convenient option for transporting items up and down stairs and elevators within your workplace or at home...

From £0.83 per week

Personal Crate - LC1B

The personal crate provides a compact and secure option for your storage and transportation needs. With increased ease of handling the...

From £0.47 per week

Lidded Metre File Crate - LC6FB

The lidded metre file crate is the perfect solution for moving hanging or suspended files. This has been designed with integrated metal...

From £2.00 per week

Un-lidded Metre Crate - A6

The un-lidded metre crate is robustly constructed and perfectly designed to assist with the relocation and packing of bulk filing and...

From £0.47 per week

Folding Library Trolley - LT1F

The folding library trolley provides a high reliable solution for transporting books during a classroom, library, or office relocation....

From £19.05 per week

Library Trolley - LT1

The library trolley provides a high reliable solution for transporting books during a classroom, library, or office relocation. The solid...

From £19.05 per week

Hard Backed Screen Cover - TSS2

The hard backed screen cover provides the perfect solution for protecting your delicate computer screens during a move. The padded...

From £0.96 per week

Metal Lipped Skate - SK6

The metal lipped skate has been specifically designed for use with our long crates, lidded meter crates and unlidded meter crate, making...

From £6.10 per week

1-12 of 28 products

Hire Our Crates

phs Teacrate have gained expansive experience of supplying the UK’s leading specialists and more localised move experts with crates, skates and packing equipment. So whether you are planning an office, library or business move, big or small phs Teacrate is on hand to help. We have an experienced team who can advise on the most suitable crates and packaging for your requirements. We can supply directly or indirectly through your removal company and have an extensive range of moving equipment to suit all types of business moves and budgets.

phs Teacrate also offer a range of barcoded trackable crates. This allows increased visibility of your crates during your move, particularly if they are being used in different departments or locations. Our barcoded crates will ensure that you can track crates in and out of locations to help minimise losses. You can even track them on an App giving you traceability wherever you are.

All our removal crates and packaging are available on next day delivery (if ordered before 5pm) and we operate a porter service where crates are delivered to a precise location within a building, essential for inner city locations and high rise buildings. All products can be hired or purchased depending on your needs.