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Brown Polypropylene Tape - T-PP-B

The brown polypropylene tape is the perfect solution for sealing lightweight cardboard boxes, ensuring valuables are secure and safe. The...

From £1.10

Fragile Printed Polypropylene Tape - T-PP-F

The fragile printed polypropylene tape can help you ensure your fragile items are secure and safe when moving from one location to the...

From £1.80

Brown PVC Tape - T-PVC-B

The Brown PVC tape is heavy duty which helps ensure your valuables are packed securely. The tape can be used for general packaging...

From £1.80

White PVC Tape - T-PVC-W

The white PVC tape is perfect for helping you move. The tape is durable and flexible, providing an easy way to secure boxes and bubble...

From £1.80

Anti Static Bubble Bags - BB1

The anti static bubble bag is designed to protect valuables and items by placing them into the bag. This protects valuables due to the...

From £1.00

Bubble Wrap Standard - BW

The standard bubble wrap is perfect for protecting your valuable items. This protects valuables due to the special type of plastic...

From £13.65

Bubble Blanket with soft liner - PBB

The bubble blanket is ideal for furniture protection when moving house. The bubble blanket is designed for the protection of chairs,...

From £110.00

Mattress Bag - PM1HD

The mattress bag is the perfect option for keeping your mattress protected when moving house. The mattress bags protect the mattress from...

From £2.50

Standard Transit Blanket - TBC1

The standard transit blanket is ideal for protecting furniture when moving locations. The transit blanket is perfect for all different...

From £3.00

Correx Sheet Floor & Wall Protector Black - CORX

The correx sheet floor and wall protector is ideal for protecting the floors and walls when moving from one location to another or when...

From £3.00

Acid Free Tissue - AFT

Acid free tissue is ideal for wrapping and protecting delicate clothing or valuables when moving house or locations. The acid free tissue...

From £10.00


We stock a range of packaging accessories to ensure that all your personal goods are kept safe when you are moving house. These accessories include brown packing tape, polypropylene, PVC and masking tape products. All of our packaging accessories are strong, heavy duty and ideal for securing cardboard cartons. Tape can be used for many different things when moving house including securing bubble wrap, packing paper products, assembling your moving boxes prior to use and to securely seal your boxes when they are full.