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10 Tips to Make Moving Stress Free

Moving house is an exciting time full of promise, but it can also be one of the most stressful times. All of your most valuable possessions being moved at once is likely to cause a few grey hairs for even the most calm among us.

Here at phs Teacrate we’ve built up a lot of expertise in this area over the years, so we thought it would be helpful to put together a list of some house moving tips you may not have thought of. While we already brought you a list of top moving tips, this was based on things like updating your utility services. This time, we are going into the actual process of moving itself, and how to easily move your possessions without damage or extra work.

Some of these tips may seem relatively simple but we have seen what happens when movers use them, compared to what happens when they don’t, and we can guarantee every single one of these steps will save you time, effort, stress, and potentially money too.

Let’s take a look:

Prevent Things Escaping with Clingfilm

Chances are you have a lot of small items that are moving with you (think cutlery, pens, make up etc). This takes care of itself if you’re hiring removal crates, as all items will be packaged nice and securely with a closed lid. However, if you’re doing it the old fashioned way, simply throwing them in boxes might seem like the next best option.

This is a terrible idea as it will lead to things bouncing around in transit, likely flying out of the box entirely and being easily damaged or lost. This is without even mentioning the potential damage to other items (I don’t fancy a flat screen TVs chances against a flying box of cutlery).

Cling film is a low cost and reliable way to seal in such containers and ensure the contents remain secure for the entire journey. It may sound a little wasteful or even time consuming to use clingfilm for this but it’s worth it for the increased safety and peace of mind.

Coolboxes are a Lifesaver

It’s extremely common to find movers running down their inventory of frozen food over the weeks before the move, so that they can turn off their freezer without issue. There’s nothing wrong with this if it’s easily done, but if it’s weeks of effort and eating suspicious old foods from the back of the freezer, there is a much better way. The last thing you want to do is throw away food, causing expensive wastage.

If you’ve ever been camping you’re likely to own a coolbox. By throwing all of your frozen food in there with some cool packs or even chunks of ice straight from the freezer, you can keep frozen food fresh for up to 5 days, allowing you to move it easily to your new home just like any other possession.

Even if you don’t own a coolbox, you may find that buying a small/cheap one is still more economical than wasting significant amounts of food.

Use Soft Items as Protection

Think of everything soft you own - from clothing to towels and bedding. Since all of this stuff is coming with you anyway, why not wrap it around the more fragile items such as plates, glasses, TV and other electricals? This saves space, money and reduces the chance of damage all at the same time.

You can also get creative with using leftover items from the house as protection, such as putting paper plates between your real plates to prevent them scratching against each other, or filling sandwich bags with air to make makeshift packaging bubbles.

The golden rule is to ensure things are packed tightly enough that they don’t clatter or move around when the container is moved, as this means they’re less likely to collide with each other and cause damage during transit.

Use All Empty Space

When it comes to emptying your kitchen, you may find you have a large amount of spices, sauces and other small jars and bottles. Instead of putting them loose in a box, consider packing them tightly into small spaces that are available, such as in saucepans with the lid closed or inside blenders and other appliances.

This way they’ll be protected from damage, unlikely to leak all over your other items, and take up close to zero space.

Don’t Use Cardboard Boxes for Books

It can be tempting to just empty your bookcase into several cardboard boxes, but it’s easy to underestimate how heavy this will be. Not only is a full size cardboard box full of books pretty difficult to carry, but it’s very likely the bottom will cave in at some point.

Plastic crate hire is a great way to get around this as the crates will be able to handle a lot more weight. However, if you’re unable to go this route, consider hiring something similar, as cardboard boxes are rarely worth the hassle.

Another option is to split your book collection up, only putting a few books into each cardboard box. This can reduce the weight in each box and make cardboard viable, although it can also be a timewaster putting them back together at the other end.

Make Cardboard Boxes More Comfortable to Hold

Another benefit of plastic moving boxes is that they come with ergonomic designs and built-in handles, making them very easy to carry.

Cardboard boxes on the other hand often have no such option, forcing you to hold the box from the bottom. With smaller boxes this may be fine, but with heavy ones it’s very difficult and can make it easier to drop them.

A good way around this is to take a stanley knife and cut handles into the side of the box, allowing you to lift it from a more comfortable angle.

Don’t Use Newspaper!

It’s extremely common to use newspapers to wrap items for moving. This may seem like a good idea, especially if you have lots hanging around. Firstly, newspaper rips very easily meaning it’s not very protective at all unless you use huge amounts

Secondly, newspaper print can very easily transfer which can damage and mark your items.

If you are dead set on using something like this to wrap your possessions, we recommend you at least go for glossy magazine paper. This is both stronger and the ink is less likely to run, making it a night and day difference.

Need Help with This?

If the stress of moving house and keeping all of your possessions safe and undamaged is a little bit too much to handle, we can take care of this for you.

phs Teacrate is the UK’s leading supplier of moving crate hire, packaging, and other home removal services. We also offer specialist commercial moving services such as for the automotive industry, Covid-safe moving of pharmaceutical items, school moving services and more.

To learn more about phs teacrate, our products and services, feel free to contact us now!

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