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5 Simple Steps to Avoid Stressful Christmas Moves

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Christmas can be quite a stressful time of year, why not spice it up with a home or office move?” said no one, ever! But the truth is that sometimes, changing houses or premises at the end of the year can be unavoidable - rental contracts finish, families must re-locate to start new employment opportunities and businesses seeking a fresh start in the New Year are eager to settle into new premises during what can be a quiet time for some businesses.

In the UK, around 72,000 families move home every Christmas. The good news is that a Christmas move doesn’t have to have you at your wits end. Here are some tops tips for getting you through a move that will leave you with enough energy to celebrate Christmas and a brand spanking New Year in your new property.

1.     Make your list and check it twice

Prepare well in advance by making a list of everything you need to book as soon as a move is on the cards. Get quotes for packing crates and specialist containers, removal firms, packers, cleaners (if in rented or business accommodation), mail redirection and any long term or temporary storage that you might require. As soon as you have a moving date, book everything. Just like other businesses, removal firms may be operating with reduced staff numbers and services over the Christmas period so getting your request in early should secure your move.

There are enough surprises at Christmas time without last minute panic to find suppliers. Recruiting reliable crate suppliers such as phs Teacrate for home moving packages or office moving bundles  will allow you to tick at least one thing off your crowded list. And making use of professional packers (most removal firms can supply or recommend these) will enable you to spend valuable family time wrapping presents, rather than crockery!

2.     Dreaming of a White Christmas?

However much you like the idea of snow, poor weather can only mean bad news for moving at Christmas. Keep updated with weather forecasts and take precautions by keeping paths well gritted and clear of slippery leaves. Even if it doesn’t snow, a cold snap or downpour can cause hazardous conditions.

On the day of the move, ensure that removal teams can get easy access to your home or business premises on a drive or nearby road where they can park without causing obstruction to other traffic. You must advise your removal firm of any limited access to allow them chance to schedule smaller vehicles or obtain parking permits, if required.

Keep yourself and your family/colleagues warm by insisting everyone wears suitable clothing, and keeps a hat and gloves handy, as you may well all be spending time outside directing boxes and furniture, and possibly shovelling snow as it falls. It also can’t be guaranteed that the heating will be up and running at your new accommodation, so be prepared for a cool reception while someone figures out how to turn on the boiler.

Hopefully any snow will last long enough for you to enjoy it the day after the move.

3.     Bells are ringing out

Make sure you send out messages to everyone who needs to know about your new address and when you will be moving. If you’re moving business, write to all suppliers and customers to inform them of your relocation and place signs within your building so that visitors can take note.

Home movers should take the opportunity to send early Christmas cards, including a note of your new address. In both cases, make sure you ring your old and new gas, electricity and water providers to inform that of your move and settle any outstanding bills. The last thing you need is to have not lights or heating when you arrive a t your new home or want to unveil your new business property.

Don’t forget to leave a forwarding address and number for the new residents in case they receive mail or visitors for you.

4.     Christmas wrapping

You won’t want to go to the expense of moving things that you won’t need at your new location, so have a good old clear out before moving day and bin, recycle, donate or sell as appropriate. Shop early and wrap and send gifts for friends, family and customers as soon as December arrives – better in their home or office than yours!

As with a move at any time of year, you should clearly label all boxes when packing belongings or equipment. This will save a lot of time at the other end when deciding which box should go where. If you are moving a large amount, or particularly important or valuable items, you might want to consider using barcoded crates that can be scanned at various points along the route for complete traceability.  

If you’re moving really close to Christmas, you might want to pack and label a separate Christmas box, with decorations for the home or office, wrapped gifts and Christmas stockings for an instant Christmas when you arrive at your new destination. Don’t forget to include either an easy-to-make meal or the number of a good takeaway to celebrate your move.

5.     All is Bright

In winter, it gets dark quickly and early. Make sure you schedule your move so you can arrive at your new property in daylight, if at all possible. That snow shovel might come in useful again if you have to dig your way in. Keep several torches to hand, just in case you struggle to find the front door and the light switch when you arrive. Then get lit up, turn that heating on and start to warm up your new family or business home.

One of the first things you’ll need to do is get curtains up or blinds closed to keep the heat in and add a little security and privacy away from curious eyes. As soon as you unpack some of these decorations, it’ll feel like home in no time.

Last but not least, remember what tie of year it is. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, take time out to celebrate a new office or home and remember friends and family are what’s important in life – your new home or office is just the icing on the Christmas cake.


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