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Crate Deals from phs Teacrate for Moving Home, Office or School

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If you think finding a new home or business premises is stressful, you’d better prepare yourself. Once you’ve found your ideal new location, it’s time for the really hard work to begin – packing up and moving. Whether you’re relocating to a different country or just around the corner, you’ll need to make the same big effort to get all of your personal and/or business possessions to their new residence, safely and securely.

Why is moving such a stress? According to research, people in the UK move to a new property every 23 years, on average. Businesses move much less often, with some occupying a building for 50 years or more before deciding to relocate. And it isn’t unheard of for some establishments, such as schools, to have celebrated a centenary in the same location prior to packing up and moving on.

With it being such an infrequent event - most of us only move home two or three times in a lifetime - it’s hardly surprising that we’re anxious about the drill when it comes to planning how to pack and transport all of our belongings. Even though many moving checklists for homes and businesses have been written, what we’d really like is for someone to do it all for us!

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a (paid or unpaid) volunteer, or are doing your own packing, you’ll still need to provide the appropriate packaging and crates in which to wrap, store and transport everything. Where do you start? With phs Teacrate rental crate bundles, of course.

Why rent crates for moving?

No matter what or where you’re moving, one thing you’ll need is packing boxes, and lots of them. When you’re packing family valuables, assets from work or a library of heavy books, you’ll need the containers to be strong, durable and easy to handle. phs Teacrate’s range of crates meet all of these criteria while also saving space, saving money and helping to save the environment a little.

The clever design of our crates mean that not only are they securely lidded when in use, and easy to stack safely, they can also be nested when not in use, taking up a fraction of the room during storage. By choosing to rent a phs Teacrate moving bundle, or any other of our rental products, there’ll be no big capital outlay up front, just easy weekly payments. And if you’re a business customer, you can set up a trade account to make billing even easier. We’ll deliver all of your crates to your door on the date specified (or you can collect from one of our seven UK-wide depots) and retrieve them from you (or receive them back into our depots) as soon as you let us know that you are done with them, so you’ll only ever be charged for the weeks when they are in use. Simply order before 4pm for next working day delivery or collection

Made from 100% recyclable polypropylene, phs Teacrate crates are tough and re-useable. They arrive clean and ready for action and are stronger and more secure than single-use cardboard alternatives with the additional peace of mind of being able to use a seal to secure each crate during transit. You’ll also find that, unlike cardboard boxes, our crates have handles which make them easy to grip and carry, especially helpful if you have to navigate a flight of stairs.

Our extensive experience of providing rental crates to a wide range of businesses, including the removals industry, has allowed us to put together Set Crate Deals for most sizes of home or business move. phs Teacrate’s moving bundles contain enough bubble wrap, crates, specialist containers, seals and labels to see you through your project, and because our set crate deals are available on a weekly rental cost, you’ll only pay for them as long as you need them, with the option of keeping crates for long-term storage, if required. We’ll even throw in a sack barrow or skate (in our larger bundles) for easy handling.

Unless you move home or business frequently, you’ll probably struggle to figure out how many and what size of crate you’ll need for your moving project. You may even forget to include labels or seals on your shopping list. Through our membership of the British Association of Removers (BAR), phs Teacrate has partnerships with many removal firms which has given us an insight into moving requirements. While no two moves are ever the same, over the years, we’ve been able to discern a pattern in the number and type of crates required for differently sized projects which has allowed us to put together some budget-busting Set Crate Deals available to hire through our online crate shop.

Home Move Crate Rental Bundles

From a one-bedroomed house or flat, to a three or four-bedroomed property, we’ve put together several suitable crate deals which we think will help to get you on your way. The phs Teacrate Home Move Packages include the rental of crates, a specialist container for a PC, and handling equipment as well as the sale of seals, labels and one or two rolls of bubble wrap. Take some of the guesswork out of moving and pop a crate bundle in your shopping basket for delivery in time to pack before your move and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

phs Teacrate home move crate deals come in sizes extra small (XSCB) to extra large (XLCB) and you can mix and match with other packages or individual items to create the right capacity for your home.  Depending on the size of your chosen set crate deal, contents include:

  • 10 to 60 standard lidded crates (80 litres)
  • 1 computer crate (171 litres)
  • 1 sack barrow for crate handling (excl. extra small package)
  • 20 to 122 seals
  • 10 to 60 labels
  • 1 keyboard bag
  • 1 anti-static, shock absorbing bubble bag
  • 1 or 2 rolls of bubble wrap

The smallest and largest items in a house are often the most valuable so we haven’t forgotten about them, either. For furniture and objects that need a little more TLC, phs Teacrate’s two and three-bedroomed property bundles (available on outright purchase) come in pretty handy too, helping to keep small or precious items in one place while not neglecting your upholstered goods. These packages consist of:

  • 20 or 30 cardboard boxes (457 x 333 x 333mm)
  • 2 or 3 rolls of brown polypropylene tape
  • Marker pen
  • 1 roll of bubble wrap
  • 2 or 3 mattress bags
  • Sofa cover (also armchair cover for three-bed bundle)
  • Packing paper

The boxes will arrive flat to save storage space, so be prepared to (literally) get stuck in with the folding and taping.

At the phs Teacrate online shop, you’ll also find other useful packing products for your home, such as wardrobe boxes for easy removal of clothes, stair stick to help protect your carpets, mirror/picture cartons (83cm x 56cm) to keep fragile items safe, and transit blankets to prevent scratching or denting of large but delicate items, such as wooden furniture or white goods.

Office Move Crate Rental Bundles

When it comes to office moves, there’s lots of similarities to house moves but many differences too. Lots of planning is still required, although this may be under the watchful eye of a dedicated project manager; you’ll need to source crates from a reliable supplier, although the quantity and type may be different from those used in a home move; either way, you’ll still get the same attentive service with quality products and prompt delivery from phs Teacrate.

As with our home move packages, we’ve also put together convenient Office Move Crate Bundles based on the size of your business, with the recommendation of one 80-litre crate per employee – small office move crate bundles with 10 or 20 crates, medium-sized office move crate bundles with 30 or 45 crates and large office move crate bundles with 60 or 80 crates.  Each package comes with a sufficient number of security seals, labels and bubble wrap to ensure safe and secure packing, with the larger packages including a sack barrow for easy handling, too.

Because the nature of every business is different, we recognise that each employee might need more or less packing space, so we also supply Office Move Mixed Crate Bundles which comprise our standard lidded crates as well as a number of metre lidded crates which are excellent for packing books, shelf contents and filing systems. These mixed packages also include a variety of 54-litre medium lidded crates and 25-litre personal crates which are perfect for packing desk contents.

With IT featuring so heavily in many businesses these days, we’ve also put together a small, medium or large Computer Move Crate Bundle, consisting of up to 75 Flat Screen Monitor Crates and Computer Bubble Bags as well as standard lidded crates, seals and labels. Peruse the phs Teacrate range to find out which package is most suited to your business or pick your own bundle at our online shop.

School Move Crate Rental Bundles

phs Teacrate has also provided equipment to successfully relocate schools and universities. As a site manager or designated staff coordinator, you might find our Office Move Crate Bundles useful but you might also want to consider our School Crate Bundles which focus more on the provision of containers suited to the packing of books and files.

Once again, based on the size of the establishment, phs Teacrate school packages contain 50, 100 or 150 metre crates which are also ideal for library moves:

  • 50, 100 or 150 crates, for example our Lidded Metre Crate is exceptionally robust
  • 50, 100 or 150 labels

In addition you might need library trolleys, IT crates, screen covers such as the TSS1 or lidded crates to help you on the way to a stress-free school move, as well as small cardboard boxes, packing paper and tape from our packaging and accessories range.

Don’t forget too, that you can add additional crates or packaging products to any bundle to fully tailor to your own requirement!

Are we nearly there yet?

You’ve found your crates and packaging, now you need to get them to the right place. No problem! phs Teacrate provides next working day delivery to UK mainland addresses, as standard, as long as your order is placed before 4pm. If you’re eager to get moving and need crates in a hurry, we can also provide same day delivery for an additional charge.

We aim to make our deliveries using the most fuel-efficient route with normal delivery occurring Monday to Friday. You can usually expect deliveries from 8.30am to 12.30pm and collections between 12.30pm and 5pm, but if time is of the essence, we can provide delivery/collection at a specified time (including Saturdays) to ensure that your moving schedule runs exactly to plan (additional charges apply).

Deliveries will be made to the front of your building but you can make use of our optional Porter Service to have your crates delivered to a precise location within your school, office block or apartment building – which is especially useful if your business or home is on the 15th floor!

Of course, if it’s more convenient, all of our customers are more than welcome to collect or drop off their orders at one of phs Teacrate’s seven UK-wide depots. Simply order and pay online, by phone or by trade account and your order will be ready for collection the next working day, or possibly even the same day, if you’re in a hurry!

Because it isn’t an everyday occurrence, we, at phs Teacrate, appreciate that moving can be stressful. We work really hard to provide an easy and convenient way to source all of the appropriate crates for moving home, business or school so that you can get on with planning the rest of your move. Get in touch to find out how we can help.