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Tomatoes inside food crates in a warehouse
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How Food Crates Enhance Efficiency In Food Transportation

Quality and safety are important priorities when it comes to transporting food. Efficient logistics are vital for transporting produce, dairy, meat and other products to retailers, restaurants and consumers. One way to help improve efficiency in food transportation is to use food crates. 

Food crates have various benefits to help streamline supply chains and maintain the integrity of the food being supplied. Learn more about the impact of food crates and how they can enhance efficiency in food transportation.  

About food crates 

Food crates provide affordable and simple solutions for food suppliers and distributors. The UK maintains strict food hygiene standards, and the use of food crates helps to make food storage and transportation simple. From vegetable crates to baker’s trays, food crates are designed to help preserve food and ensure it arrives at its final destination safely.  

Food crates can be bought or hired, and are reusable to help businesses manage food transportation affordably and sustainably. Their simple design makes them effective for many uses, making them a popular choice across all parts of the supply chain. 

Using food crates to enhance efficiency in food transportation 

Protection and preservation  

Food crates are designed to provide protection for perishable items in transit. They are made from materials that protect against impact, moisture and temperature fluctuations to ensure food is transported safely.  

With the help of food crates, even the most delicate of food items can be protected, minimising the risk of spoiling or waste. 

Food hygiene 

Maintaining food hygiene and safety standards is a must for those in the food industry, which is why effective packaging matters. Food crates provide a strong, robust solution for food producers and sellers, helping to meet strict hygiene requirements thanks to their easy-to-clean design and the use of non-porous materials. 

Designed with features including drainage holes, built-in ventilation and moisture resistance, food crates can help prevent contamination and ensure food arrives to consumers in optimal condition. 

Space optimisation 

With their stackable design, food crates make it easy to use space more effectively. They can be stacked in warehouses, trucks and other storage facilities, providing convenient solutions that can help reduce transportation costs.  

Food storage crates are easy to handle, which helps to speed up the loading and unloading process too.  


Standardisation is an important element of food transportation. It allows businesses and suppliers to work together seamlessly, allowing for flexibility between transportation and storage systems such as lorries and pallets. Even if a food business modifies its supply chain networks, the compatible design of food crates should ensure seamless integration with any new suppliers. 

With their universal design, using food crates can make workflows much smoother, helping to make food transportation a consistent process. 


As businesses look to enhance their sustainability, food crates can provide a welcome solution for environmentally friendly food transportation. Unlike single-use packaging options, food crates can be used over and over again, helping to reduce waste and enhancing a business’ sustainability efforts.  

Food crates are built to last and will be used many times over before they need replacing. When they are cleaned and maintained properly, food crates become cost-effective, while reducing their environmental impact. 

Convenience and flexibility  

Using food crates allow businesses to operate more flexibly, scaling up and down according to their needs. Through food crate hire, businesses can rent crates according to demand, taking into account increases or decreases in requirements, as well as seasonal trends. Crate hire can also incorporate wash services and maintenance, helping to save time and resources. 

Food crates provide a number of benefits to help businesses improve efficiency within food transportation. From providing protection to perishable items to helping to save space and maintain hygiene, food crates can be a valuable asset to businesses. By investing in food crates, companies can improve their logistics, prevent waste and meet their sustainability goals.  

Enhance your food transportation efficiency with food crate hire from phs Teacrate 

phs Teacrate is a leading supplier of food crates to businesses across the UK. We not only provide food crates to buy and rent, but we can also help maintain health and hygiene standards with our crate washing services. Working to your specific requirements, we can provide food crate collection and delivery for a complete service.  

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