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How To Move House And Save The Environment

Moving house is an exciting time. Whether you’re moving to a bigger house, a different city or simply somewhere that’s a bit more ‘you’, a move is a chance for a fresh start. 

While moving has its benefits for you, have you ever thought about the impact of moving on the environment? From the waste you create while moving to disposing of packing materials, there are a lot of things involved in a move that aren’t considered eco-friendly.  

The number of home moves is expected to increase in 2022, meaning a lot of people could be creating waste as a result of their move. Being more sustainable is about making changes, so why not making changes to how you move? Read the following tips on how to move house and save the environment to make your next move a little greener. 

Having a clear-out? Recycle as much as possible 

Moving house is a fantastic excuse to get rid of the clutter. You’ll have less to move, and could even form some new minimalist habits in your new home. 

But as decluttering means getting rid of things, you could find that decluttering leads to a lot of waste. As much as 80% of the things we throw away could be recycled instead. While it’s tempting to put all of your unwanted things into a black back ready to go with your bin collection, you could actually cut back on your waste with a more thoughtful approach to your decluttering.  

Don’t throw your clothes away 

Most items of clothing can be recycled in some form. In the UK, we send over 350,000 tonnes of wearable clothes to landfills every year – equivalent to £140 million! 

Check clothes carefully and try to sell or donate the items that are still wearable. For everything else, including damaged and worn clothing, take it to be recycled. There are clothes recycling banks all over the UK, and many high street shops like H&M, TK Maxx and Primark will accept textiles for recycling.  

Consider upcycling worn or damaged items 

Is your furniture looking a little dull and dated? Instead of throwing it away, could your furniture be upcycled instead? Upcycling gives you the chance to get creative with your interiors and turn something old into something new again. 

Use marketplaces to give unwanted items a good home 

Marketplaces can be a really useful way of getting rid of your unwanted items. You’ll be surprised at the types of things people are looking for online! Many people in need will also appreciate a free or cheap sofa or an unwanted Christmas gift, so consider listing your items on an online marketplace to give your things a new home. 

Buy used instead of new 

As with getting rid of your unwanted items, marketplaces are also a great way to find bargains on the things you need. Consider buying used items instead of buying brand-new – you could find some great bargains that will save you money as you move house. 

Use sustainable packing solutions 

Packing up your home can involve a lot of cardboard and plastic. Why not try some more sustainable solutions? Use materials that can be recycled and consider hiring moving crates that can be reused to help you with your move. 

Other useful products include eco-friendly alternatives to bubble wrap and eco packing boxes. When you’re finished moving, either reuse or recycle your packing materials. There are many ways you can get the most out of your moving crates to stop them going to waste. 

Choose an eco-friendly moving company 

Adopting greener practices is a priority for many businesses, and moving companies are no exception. If you can, hire a moving company that uses greener practices, such as electric vehicles, to help make your move more eco-friendly. 

Make as few trips as possible 

If you can, try to limit your trips while moving home. Using your car/van as little as possible will help you reduce your carbon emissions, reducing the impact of your move on the environment. 

Using crates and boxes can make your packing easier to stack, which could reduce the amount of trips you’ll need to make to move all of your belongings.  

Use greener cleaning products to tackle your old and new home 

Cleaning your home before you move will leave it sparkling for its new owners. You’ll also want to give your new place a spruce to make it ready for when you move in. Using eco-friendly cleaning products can help reduce the amount of chemicals used during your move and encourage greener habits in your new home too. Enjoy some environmentally-friendly cleaning tips to help you in your new home.  

Hire packing crates from phs Teacrate 

Moving house doesn’t have to be damaging to the environment. Thanks to phs Teacrate, you can hire crate bundles that serve as eco-friendly packing materials for moving, that can be returned and reused by others. Our crates are sturdy and designed to protect all of your items during your move. Contact us to find out more about our crate hire services. 

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