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Move 5 Times Faster with phs Teacrate

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Think of moving and you’re more than likely to picture a wobbly stack of cardboard boxes, rolls of tape and reams of old newspaper. What you may not think about is all of the time spent folding sticking and padding those boxes, even before you start to pack.

Surely there’s a quicker way?

Thanks to phs Teacrate, there is! And, in our opinion, packing crates is 5 times faster than using cardboard boxes. Here’s why:

1.     Hassle-free

Cardboard boxes require a good deal more effort than plastic crates. The first hurdle is constructing the box, which will arrive as a flat piece of cardboard, ready to be origami-ed into shape. With plastic crates, you can put away the scissors and tape. In fact, you don’t need to fold or stick a thing. Their rigid construction also means that there’s no need to reinforce the bottom of the box for heavy items.

The reassurance of a solid bottom and sides means that you can be a little less diligent with the packing and padding – nothing is going to compromise the contents of a plastic crate while in transit.  Just hire your crates from phs Teacrate for standard next day or nominated delivery, fill your crate, add a label, close the lid, stack and repeat.

2.     Strong and reliable

The lightweight, rigid, polypropylene construction of a plastic crate, lends itself so much better to stacking than the cardboard box alternative. Unlike cardboard cartons, there’s no need to stack from heaviest to lightest as crates are great at bearing weight; nor do you have to fear that they’ll wobble over – once stacked they are there to stay.

In contrast to fair weather cardboard alternatives that will wilt and mould in damp conditions, plastic crates can be nested and stored anywhere, even in places where cardboard-munching insects or rodents might be a problem. And when it’s time to move, there’s no hanging around waiting for the rain to stop as crates stand up to wet weather just fine… unlike cardboard.

3.     Easy to hold

Re-usable crates come armed with easy-to-grip handles or folding arms, and the smooth plastic means no cardboard cuts or splinters. Cold or damp conditions can spoil the integrity of cardboard boxes, meaning that they are easily pierced or become flimsy when handled. And if the box is wet on the outside, it’s a fair bet that the contents are also wet - not so with waterproof plastic crates.  


4.     No need to flatten

Just as cardboard boxes need to be built, they also need to be flattened. You’ll have to peel away the layers of tape, fold and store until you can dispose of the cardboard, which isn’t as easy as it may sound. In fact, you’ll struggle to get one 500mm x 500mm removal box into a standard recycling bin, let alone a whole van-full. Leave them outside and they’ll soon become a soggy mess and/or favourite hangout spot for vermin.

Not only do plastic crates save you the time you’d spent on flattening cardboard boxes, they can also be stored anywhere secure until your reliable supplier, such as phs Teacrate, calls to collect them – which will be as soon as you let us know you’ve finished with them.

5.     Disposal not required

We’ve already mentioned that phs Teacrate will collect your used crates, saving you from finding storage space for empty cardboard boxes and/or forking out for disposal. In some cases, you might even find yourself driving used cardboard to the waste disposal centre yourself.

phs Teacrate will collect your used crates at a time and a place to suit you, all as part of the rental package. We’re more than happy to deliver to one location and collect from another, saving you the time and effort of transporting empty crates. We’ll return them to one of our state-of-the-art washing facilities where they’ll be cleaned and prepped, ready for re-use. Now, that really is something you can’t say about cardboard boxes!

We think you’ll agree that renting removal crates from phs Teacrate can save you time, money and stress. Call us now to start saving on your move.

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