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Protective Packaging: It Does Exactly What It Says on the Tin

If you’re moving home or business, there’ll be plenty of things that you’ll want to take with you; the challenge is getting them from A to B safely. And when it comes to valuable items, we all get a little twitchy at the thought of them being damaged in transit. That’s why phs Teacrate provides an extensive range of protective packaging to give your precious possessions the TLC they need.

These prized objects could be anything with a monetary or sentimental value, as well as practical items that you just can’t do without.  Office relocations, for example, often involve the removal of costly IT equipment and other critical paraphernalia that has taken significant investment. If these were damaged, your business might struggle to operate effectively, and you’d lose income while waiting to replace them.

The precious things that we take with us during residential moves could be gifts or pieces of art, ornaments or furniture that we’ve worked hard to pay for; keepsakes, photos and souvenirs; or a family heirloom or two. While it might not break the bank if any of these effects get broken, it may very well break your heart!

Don’t Take A Break

To avoid unnecessary breakage, we’re sure you’ll agree that the time taken to carefully pack all of these items is a good investment in both your business and a happy home life. And thankfully, although it may be time consuming, the art of packing isn’t a dark science.  Especially when you have the right materials.

With over 35 years’ experience, phs Teacrate has identified a few essential protective packaging accessories that do just that: helping to keep your valuable possessions or vital office equipment safe in transit. Alongside our comprehensive range of plastic crates, these packing accessories will make your move easier and more successful.

Our range includes acid-free tissue paper, bubble wrap, anti-static bags for electrical equipment and furniture covers – in fact we can provide protection for everything from a Christmas tree bauble to a grand piano.  And because we want you to leave your old premises as your buyers expect, and enter your new home as you want it to be – with no bumps or scrapes to décor - we also provide protection for doors, floors and stairs.

This protective packaging is available to order online or by calling our helpful phs Teacrate Customer Service Team. We guarantee to have your protective packaging order with you the next working day (for most items), with weekend and timed deliveries also possible.  Need it sooner? Simply pop in to one of our eight nationwide service centres to get hold of all you need (stock permitting). 

As the UK’s leading crate hire business, you can be confident that you’re in good company when you buy or hire phs Teacrate protective packaging. In fact, in one year, we’ve sold enough Stair Stick to cover the height of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, 38 times over.

Sweating the Small Stuff

With small, delicate items, like glassware, ornaments or jewellery, it’s a good idea to make use of the original packaging, wherever possible. This will keep them safe amongst larger items.

Of course, we don’t always keep the boxes that things come in - space is usually at a premium, after all - so you’ll find lots of alternative protective packaging at phs Teacrate. Packing Paper, Acid-free Tissue Paper and Bubble Wrap should do the job.

Our rolls of Bubble Wrap come in 100m lengths and widths of 30cm, 50cm and 150cm. Cut to size, Bubble Wrap will provide shock absorption and prevent items from banging up against each other. Newspaper is a popular choice for wrapping breakable items during an office or home move, however, you should be wary of print transference. Acid-free Tissue Paper is a safer option which won’t tarnish or stain precious objects, and if you want to wrap several layers, make the first one acid-free tissue paper before using more readily available materials.

Boxing Clever

As with all of your business or personal possessions, once wrapped, it’s imperative that you pack them in a reliable container that isn’t too big, so as to avoid overloading and crushing, and one that isn’t going to give way halfway up a flight of stairs. If you’re using a cardboard box, ensure that the bottom is well-taped with our Heavy Duty, Polypropylene Packing Tape which is easily applied with our Tape Dispenser, making sure to let the tape run a third of the way up the box for added security. Don’t be tempted to use weaker alternatives, such as masking tape, duct tape or sticky tape – you may come unstuck!

Better still, use a plastic removal crate from phs Teacrate. With a range of sizes, you’ll surely find one to fit and won’t have to mess around with tape. Fill any spaces in the box or crate with Bubble Wrap or Packing Paper to prevent movement. Finally, mark each with a generous helping of phs Teacrate ‘FRAGILE’ Tape. This will help your removers to identify the container as one that shouldn’t be placed at the bottom of a stack of boxes or crates.

Get everyone to muck in with the acking - family members and other staff (if your business can afford the down time). Alternatively, you can ask your removal firm to pack for you at an additional charge. However, you might like to use this time to examine the contents of all your cupboards and take the opportunity to dispose of items you no longer need. While professional packers should be trusted, there’ll always be that little niggle at the back of your mind wondering whether they’ve damaged anything in the process. So, make sure you pick out anything that is particularly valuable or sentimental for your own personal attention.

Whoever you decide to put in charge of the packing, make sure that they label each box or crate clearly with contents and destination. phs Teacrate Easy Peel Sticky Labels are perfect for the job.



Take a Seat

Furniture can be some of the most expensive items that need moving when you move to a new home or business premises. Just because they may be on the large side, doesn’t mean that they are invincible. If not correctly protected, they can arrive at their destination bumped and scratched. They also have the potential to damage structures or décor as they enter or leave a building. Fear not, phs Teacrate has the necessary tips and accessories to help prevent damage to both furniture and structures.

If you can, you should dismantle all items that can be split into smaller, easy-to-handle pieces. You can then use phs Teacrate 17 Micron or 25 Micron Stretch Wrap in a width of 40 or 50cm to bundle together smaller loads. Correx Boards (2m x 1m) and our Multi-Purpose Floor Protector, Stair Stick, will help conserve flooring throughout the building when the removals are taking place, while our quilted door frame covers and door covers will make for a bump-free exit, ably assisted by phs Teacrates range of handling equipment, including skates, sack barrows and stair climbers.

Prior to moving, you should carefully wrap furniture to prevent scratches. phs Teacrate 4 or 5-ply Paper Blankets (103cm x 180cm) or our one of our Transit Blankets, available in approx. 2m x 1.5m and 2m x 2.5m sizes, are ideal. We also provide Paper, Quilted or 200 Gauge Polythene Armchair, Sofa and Mattress Covers to protect upholstery and guard against soiling. We’ve got larger items covered too - quite literally - with Quilted Protective Packaging, tailor made for grand pianos, upright pianos, washing machines and fridges.

Never try to move heavy objects on your own - you’ll only hurt yourself, your furniture and the building around you!

Sparks Won’t Fly

These days, we all have a good quantity of electrical items at home as well as work, the replacement cost of which can be eye-watering. And the thought of spending a few days without their favourite piece of tech is enough to send even the most sensible person into a panic. Protective packaging for electrical equipment is available from phs Teacrate in the form of handy 1m x 1m Anti Static Bubble Wrap bags which will both protect small equipment and dissipate electrostatic charge. A Keyboard Bag is the ideal size for a computer keyboard, a mouse, remote controls and associated cables, and will help to keep them together during the move or whilst in storage.

IT and TV Quilted Covers are specially designed to protect flat screens from 21” up to 60“ wide. Additional protection can be provided by using our IT1 Computer Crate or IT2 Flat Screen Computer Crate. Smaller kitchen appliances, like toasters, kettles and irons, though not of particular monetary value, will be sorely missed when you want a snack or need a crease-free outfit, so pack these carefully in a phs Teacrate crate with plenty of Bubble Wrap, first ensuring that they have cooled down, have been emptied and are ready for travel.

No matter how capable you are, particularly big or valuable objects will always require the services of expert packers and movers. For residential moves, however, we’d always recommend that you keep small items of particular monetary or sentimental value with you to re-assure you that it’s safe - perfectly wrapped in phs Teacrate protective packaging, of course!