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Schools Out! Grab 20% off Crate Hire for Your Summer Clear Out

The summer term has ended. Pupils and students have left the building, and teachers and caretakers nationwide are left to deal with the aftermath! The end of term can be quite a frantic time, with exams, parent meetings, sports days and fun sessions to reward pupils and staff for a year well done.

With everything going on, there’s little time for sorting and storing into sturdy school crates that will keep equipment, books and crafts safe until called upon next term, or maybe even the term after. Only when your school or college has quietened down can you see the true extent of what must be tidied away in classrooms or libraries to make way for the new school/college year in September.

phs Teacrate is ready to help with our comprehensive range of re-usable (RTP) plastic crates, available online. Use our limited discount code SUMMER20 at the checkout to receive , and packing up and clearing out will seem a lot less daunting.

Crates for all reasons

Aside from the usual tidying up and getting rid of out-of-date apparatus and project materials, there are many other reasons for needing to clear out classrooms or libraries during the summer break. This may require books, computers, displays and educational equipment to be stored for short or long periods of time.

phs Teacrate, has the perfect solution for any school or college storage or transit requirement. What’s more, you can hire as many different sized-crates as you need for as long as you need, while only being charged for the length of time that you have them. Projects may include:

Moving premises – some older educational establishments are no longer fit for purpose and, with the requirements for disabled access, computers, and more state-of-the-art equipment, modern teaching can no longer be accommodated in outdated buildings. If your school is moving to new premises in September, you’ll need a range of packing boxes from standard lidded crates to flat screen computer crates.

Classroom re-jig – from time to time, it may become necessary to swap classes around, moving teachers, books and equipment to another room. Departments may move from one side of the building to another or in recent times, classroom lay out has had to be changed for social distancing.  In such cases, handling equipment, such as sack barrows, trucks and skates will be useful to move crates around

Decoration or renovation – with so many people on site during term time, it’s impossible to find space to fix and decorate educational buildings. All but the most urgent problems must be put off until summer break. Library trolleys and will be useful to move books, files and any other bits and pieces that need to be kept safe during renovation.

No better time to rent crates

Take advantage of our value-for-money school bundles for projects of any size –

Of course, you can add additional crates or packaging products to your shopping basket to fully tailor to your own requirement, and all benefitting from our current 20% Discount when you quote SUMMER20.

Unlike cardboard boxes, all phs Teacrate crates can be stacked securely, which is vital for the on-site health and safety of staff and pupils, and when not in use, the crates can be nested for tidy storage.



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