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When To Use Plastic Moving Boxes

Packing is acknowledged as one of the worst parts of moving house. In fact, 22% of people have thought about pulling out of a house sale because of the stress. 

But does packing really have to be that stressful? Not with the right approach! Having the right type of moving boxes can make the job easier, ensuring all of your things are packed safely and securely ready to get to your next location.  

There are different types of moving boxes out there, with cardboard and plastic being the most popular. Both are effective for packing your belongings, so when should you use plastic moving boxes? 

Learn how plastic moving boxes can be used to help you experience a successful move. 

The benefits of plastic moving boxes 

What makes plastic moving boxes effective for moving? Some of the main benefits include: 

They’re strong and sturdy 

One of the biggest advantages of plastic moving boxes is that they’re strong and sturdy. They not only provide protection for items on the inside, but the crates themselves will be able to withstand external damage. If you’re dealing with fragile items or your boxes will be moved around a lot, then using plastic boxes can be a good way of preventing damage to your items. 

They can provide protection from water and spills 

Plastic boxes will also protect from water damage and spills. While cardboard boxes will provide some protection from light rain or water, they will soon start to break if they get soaked. 

Plastic boxes are easily wipeable and can help keep everything inside them clean and dry. Dealing with water damage would only add to the stress of moving, so using plastic crates can give you peace of mind whatever the weather. 

They’re easy to seal 

When you deal with cardboard boxes, you probably find yourself wrestling with the packing tape to make sure everything’s sealed up correctly. With plastic moving crates, things are a little easier, sealing with a security seal where needed. When you’re ready to open your boxes, simply cut the seal with scissors. 

They’re easy to carry  

Packing crates are easy to lift and carry, unless you’re filling them with a lot of weights! Crates are available in a size that helps them be carried easily by one or two people, helping you move them in no time.  

They’re stackable 

Plastic packing crates also have the benefit of being stackable when full or when open, making it easy for you to store your crates.  

You can rent them in affordable bundles 

One of the simplest ways to use plastic crates for moving is to hire them. You can rent them in bundles from phs that allow you to choose how many you need, as well as any accessories you might need. Bundles are affordable and available on a weekly rental charge so that you can hire them for as long as you need.  

When should you choose plastic moving boxes over cardboard? 

Both cardboard and plastic moving boxes can be effective for your move, but when you’re dealing with fragile items or you need a stronger box to keep your belongings, plastic might be the way forward.  

You might also choose to use plastic boxes so that they can be returned, meaning you won’t have to deal with disposing of any used boxes once your move is over.  

Are plastic moving boxes good for the environment? 

While you might be weary of using plastic moving boxes, they can actually have their benefits for sustainability purposes. Cardboard boxes are generally flattened and disposed of, and while some will be recycled, this isn’t always guaranteed. When you rent plastic moving boxes, however, they are returned back to us so that they can be reused again and again.  

Other uses for plastic moving boxes 

Plastic moving crates have other uses once your move is over. They can be used for storage or organisation, helping to protect your belongings. If you’re going to use a storage unit between moves or to store some of your things, using storage crates could be a useful way of packing everything up. 

Hire plastic moving boxes with phs Teacrate 

At phs Teacrate, we specialise in providing crate hire to help people move all over the UK. From homes to classrooms, our crate bundles can provide you with everything you need to make your move easier.  

By renting packing crates over buying your own, you can benefit from affordable rental costs and the convenience of having crates dropped off and picked up at a time that’s convenient for you. Our rental bundles come complete with packing materials and labels, and you can purchase other packing accessories as needed. We also sell cardboard boxes if you want to use additional boxes for your move. 

Getting ready to move? Consider hiring plastic crates with phs Teacrate. 

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