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Count on phs Teacrate for clean crates, perfect produce & healthy handling

During a global pandemic, we‘re all spending less time in the shops, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve dropped our standards when it comes to buying fresh produce. In fact, with many of us missing our usual treats, we look forward to getting hold of fantastic ingredients to cook and eat at home, putting even more pressure on the growers of fruit and vegetables.

At a time when the supply chain has been a bit bumpy, it’s as important as ever to maintain the quality and freshness of produce, as well as minimise waste, so that everyone can get their hands on home cooking recipe ingredients that look, as well as taste, fantastic. All while keeping hygiene as a top priority.

Count on us for cleanliness

Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP), such as plastic crates, trays, pallet boxes and pallets, have long been proven to result in better quality fruit and vegetable deliveries than produce that is transported in cardboard or wooden containers. However, when cleanliness is so important in every aspect of our lives, RTP is also a healthier option for the many handlers who help transport fresh produce on its route from field to store.

With hardwearing polypropylene construction, the crates, trays, pallet boxes and pallets can be regularly cleaned, and when RTP is sourced from a reliable and experienced provider, such as phs Teacrate, specialist washing facilities ensure that every crate is COVID-19 safe when delivered to your premises, hygienically wrapped and ready to use. Each crate can be safely wiped down between washes - the type of cleanliness that just isn’t possible with cardboard or wooden crates.  As supplier to many of the UK’s leading food producers and retailers, we know that this is something that all of our customers, small or large, rely on.

And now, having invested in three state-of-the-art wash plants, located throughout the UK, you can be assured that phs Teacrate is taking hygiene seriously.

Count on us for handleability

It’s not just cleanliness that’s important. phs Teacrate’s sturdy plastic crates are perfect for getting your produce from field to supermarket shelf, without the damage that can occur with soggy cardboard boxes or splinter-ridden wooden crates. Vented sides allow fresh produce to breathe. Easy-grip handles and foldable bale arms make them easy to move and safe to stack at the farm or at point-of-sale, and when not in use, RTP can be tidily nested or folded, without worry of pest infestation or fire hazard.

On arrival at store, crates and trays can be directly deposited in supermarket aisles, allowing minimal handling by supermarket staff – safer for them and safer for their customers.

All phs Teacrate RTP food industry products are of standard dimensions and are compatible with other stock, while our pallets are suitable for use with fork lift trucks. Our wide range of products mean that you’ll always find something suited to your needs – if not, just ask!

Count on us for reliability

We know that the fruit and vegetable growing industry can be a little unpredictable, so you’ll be glad to hear that all phs Teacrate food-grade RTP can be delivered to your site with as little as 24 hours’ notice, using PPE and social distancing, and collected whenever you need.

In these difficult times, we all need a little help. Let phs Teacrate help your business to stay safe and successful.

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