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Moving House with Pets

Pets are part of the family.  

There has also been a massive increase in pet ownership in the past few years, as changing global conditions mean more of us are spending more and more time at home. 

If you’re planning a move, it goes without saying that your furry friend will need to be taken into consideration. This can be easily overlooked as you worry about things like moving bulky items, unpacking efficiently, minimising your carbon footprint, and whether to do the actual move yourself or hire professional removals services. 

However, it’s important to ensure things go as smoothly as possible, as moving days can be stressful - for you, of course, but more importantly, for your pet.  

Consider Removing Them From the Situation 

The easiest solution is to remove the pet from the situation entirely. Maybe you can get a friend or relative to take care of them for the day. If nobody is available for this, dogsitters, catteries and boarding kennels etc are all potential options.  

Not only will your pet be stressed at home with all of the moving around of large objects, small objects, and well…everything, but the constant opening and closing of doors makes the chances significantly higher that they could bolt. The house may also be full of removal staff, who are strangers to your pet and may cause panic.  

Of course, if you’re worried about this, you’ll be spending all day focusing your attention on the door and where your pet is, which will make the whole thing a lot more stressful. 

Keep Them Out of the Way 

While the above option would solve most problems, it isn’t available to all of us. Maybe you don’t have anybody able to watch your pet for the day, and can’t afford professional supervision. 

In this case, it would be a good idea to set up a safezone for your pet - with food, water, a bed and all of their favourite toys. Ideally this should be in the most quiet and contained part of the house, allowing them peace from the removal activities for most of the day. This will keep them out of the way, keep them calm and ensure you can leave the door open without worrying about their whereabouts. 

Keep Their Important Bits in One Place 

We already told you about the importance of keeping everything you need in one place when unpacking after a move.  

Such a thing is often super helpful for your pet too. It’s easy to think “I’ll just pack all their stuff in the boxes, I won’t need it until I’ve unpacked everything anyway”. 

But what if you don’t finish all the unpacking on day one as things take longer than expected? 

What if your pet needs something immediately on arrival or during transit? 

The last thing you want to do is be digging urgently through multiple similar looking boxes. 

Giving them their own box of essentials allows you to get it out immediately at the other end, and set them up in a safe zone while you continue to unpack your possessions.  

It’s also a good idea to pack their stuff last, and unpack it first - as being without their possessions for a while may increase stress or confusion. 

Change Vets Before Moving Day 

This may strike you as something that can be done after moving day is complete. In fact, with everything going on you may not have thought about it at all. 

But what if there is an accidental injury on moving day? What if the stress is a bigger factor than expected?  

Changing vets before moving day ensures help is at hand as soon as you arrive in your new house, which is incredibly valuable. 

Of course, ensure they are aware of your new address too - including changing microchip details if possible - just in case your pet does run through an open door at some point. 

Consider Getting Professional Help 

phs TeaCrate is the UK’s leading provider for removal services and rental removal crates. 

With protective crates of all sizes and barcode tracking services, our experienced specialists can pack your belongings into labelled crates, move them safely and help with unpacking at the other end. 

All of this takes a huge amount of stress and workload from you, meaning your main focus for the day is to get yourself and your pets safely to your new home. 

We provide an industry-leading service with our experienced sales, account management and customer support teams providing expert knowledge and advice with customer satisfaction scoring of 99%+. 

We help our customers find the right crate and size for their specific requirements and then deliver on time, every time, with next working day delivery as standard. 

We’re in every geographical area and because we’re next door, everywhere, we are on hand to help wherever you are. With over 100 operational staff and a fleet of 29 vehicles, next working day delivery is available on all stocked items through our national network of depots, conveniently located throughout the UK, which also cater for customer collections at all locations. 

To learn more, contact us now! 

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